Mendel Kaelen



The playlists on this page are either short mixtapes or full playlists. The easiest way to stay updated on new music is by following me on twitter or spotify. On mixcloud I will only post full playlists from on. If you are a researcher or therapist, feel free to reach out to me for further information.



20-60min long

created by me or guest curators

accesible via Spotify only


full playlists:

approx. 6hour long

designed for full-length psychedelic therapy sessions

accessible via Spotify and Mixcloud


important, when listening via Spotify:

1) only listen when you have a premium account, otherwise advertisements are likely to ruin your experience.

2) ensure you turn off autoplay (settings -> autoplay). Enjoy the moments of silence in between the playlists, and manually continue with the next part whenever you feel ready.






Listen via Mixcloud:

full playlists


psilocybin 1.3 (6hours)

This playlist was created for psychedelic therapy sessions for depression using psilocybin at Imperial College London in 2016. The songs used in this playlist are listed in this pdf. The playlist on Spotify has a few different songs than in the original version, as these were not available on Spotify.




Listen via Spotify:


part 1:


~ Silence ~


part 2:


~ Silence ~


part 3:


~ Silence ~


part 4:


~ Silence ~


part 5:


~ Silence ~


part 6:


~ Silence ~


part 7:


~ Silence ~


part 8: